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Bobats is built on its age-old values,
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Bobats gives you the freedom to focus
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About Bobats

Bobats is an investment-led financial planning business for professionals, business people and their families. You’ve worked hard for your money, but we know there’s more important things in your life than to worry about managing it. You can trust our team to expertly guide you in growing and protecting your wealth so you can focus on living a successful life.

Meet Our Team

Our team of friendly, trustworthy and experienced professionals is at your service:

Hoosen Bobat

Senior Financial Advisor

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Hoosen joined Bobats in 1980. He loves interacting with people and is passionate about financial planning. He is also an avid fisherman, a former South African Tennis Champion and is involved in community youth sports development. Hoosen’s expertise in tax legislation, retirement and estate planning and risk policies makes him a vital part of the Bobats team. “Understanding what you want out of life is the first and most important step. Then, it’s a matter of identifying and implementing investment and financial strategies that will help accomplish these goals. Our real job only starts after the plan is put in place. Our primary responsibility is to help you stay the course and behave your way to long-term wealth thereafter. Nothing makes us happier than seeing our clients growing, becoming the best version of themselves and ultimately succeeding in life.”

Ebrahim Moola

Financial Advisor

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Ebrahim has 11 years of financial services experience, including; 3 years as a Trainee Accountant with Deloitte in Durban, 2 years as an Investment Analyst at Old Mutual Equities in Cape Town and 6 years as Financial Advisor and Investment Professional at Bobats and Sterling Invest in Durban. Bobats draws on Ebrahim’s analytical, diligent and focused approach towards business and investing. “There’s a considerable need to assist our clients diversify their wealth. We find many clients over-capitalise their businesses and their direct property holdings, leading to a highly-concentrated portfolio. In today’s globally connected world, our clients can access a wide variety of high-quality passive investment options. This is where Bobats comes in. We specialise in sourcing and thoroughly researching these investments, wherever they may be in the world, and give our clients a chance to invest and participate in the upside.”

Faheem Paruk

BComm Hons (Finance), CFA
Investment Professional

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Faheem joined Bobats and Sterling Invest in 2018 as an Investment Professional. Faheem has 8 years of financial services experience spanning various roles in the fields of accounting, corporate finance, financial management, financial advisory and investment analysis. He holds a Bcom Honours degree and has completed all 3 levels of the CFA Programme. Faheem and Ebrahim work together in building, maintaining and growing the Bobats investment offering.

Fathima Noor Mahomed

BCom Honours (Economics), CFP®
Financial Advisor

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Fathima joined Bobats in 2018 as a Financial Advisor. She is a BCom Hons graduate, a qualified CFP® professional and has also engaged in behavioural and life coaching. She has 6 years of industry experience, spending 2 years at an established financial advisory practice in Umhlanga before joining Bobats. Fathima is passionate about helping people obtain financial peace of mind and is dedicated to making your money work for you in achieving your financial and life goals. Fathima’s innovative thinking, passion for financial planning and meticulous approach makes her an instrumental member of the Bobats team.

Mahomed Tarmahomed (TM)

BCom (Accounting)
Chief Operating Officer, Financial Advisor

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TM joined Bobats in 2018 as a financial advisor and COO. He has over 10 years of work experience across a range of finance and operations-related roles in Durban. He now takes care of Bobats’ operations and specialises in our short term insurance and healthcare product offering.

Raylene Bhana

Client Liaison & Admin Manager

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Raylene joined Bobats in 2019 to oversee the Bobats administration team. She has 10 years of experience with various financial planning businesses in Durban and Johannesburg. Raylene also acts as Client Liaison and has specialist knowledge of our long term insurance, employee benefits and healthcare product offering.

Why Bobats

You can
count on us

Everything we do is in your long-term best interests. We collaborate with you, your advisors and accountants to manage your wealth and bring order to your financial life. We have a 90 year legacy of providing trusted financial and investment advice.


Our people are highly qualified and experienced in their respective fields to give you the best advice and service. We keep abreast with the latest developments in the investments landscape, technology, tax laws, financial planning and estate planning.

Creating value
for you

Our long-standing relationships with service providers and scale (over R 1.5 billion in assets under management) enable us to negotiate the best deals for you.

Tailored Advice

“No two people are alike. We strive to understand who you are, where you’ve come from and what you really want. Armed with this information, we tailor our recommendations and advice to give you the best shot at achieving your goals.

Astute Planning

We always think of financial planning with a long-term lens and on an after-tax basis. Because of this, we structure your affairs to minimize tax, for both during and after your lifetime.

The Bobats Way

Our Guiding Principles

Everything we do is in your long term best interests.

How We Work

Our process is continually refined to incorporate contemporary financial planning practices.

Understanding You

Upfront, we have a conversation to understand who you really are, where you have come from, where you are going and your definition of a life well-lived

Options exploration

Armed with a genuine understanding of you, we present a range of tailored recommendations to choose from that we believe can help you achieve your goals

Choice Architect

We go through these options together so you can make an informed decision about the solution that you can earnestly buy into for the long-term. This becomes your Bobats Wealth Blueprint ®

Staying the course

This is arguably the most important step. Your life will keep changing and so should your plan. We continually revisit the previous steps and iterate your plan to ensure your journey to long-term success is smooth sailing

Bobats Investment Process

We consider various factors when recommending investments, including:

  • Your holistic financial position and circumstances
  • Your ability and willingness to tolerate risk
  • Your relevant investment time horizon and liquidity needs
  • Diversification across asset classes, investment styles and geographies
  • Choice of investment structures to maximise after-tax returns
  • Choice of investment platforms to maximise efficiency and reduce costs
  • Choice of investment vehicles (unit trusts, ETF’s, shares, fixed deposits etc)

Sterling Invest sets itself apart through the outstanding caliber of its people, its thorough investment processes and co-investment, alongside you, into the investments they offer.


How can we help you today?

Our clients and their families have been counting on us at Bobats to manage their wealth for over 90 years.

We’ve earned their trust because everyone here at Bobats knows that doing what is right for you is also best for Bobats in the long-term.

Products & Services

Here are some details about the products and services we offer, click on the link to download the relevant pdf document:

An Introduction to Our Process

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Saving and Investing

Coming Soon

Debit Order Investing

Investment Truths


Coming Soon


Coming Soon

Unfortunate Events (death, disability, illness)

Coming Soon

Business Assurance

Coming Soon

Losing Your Life

Inability to Work

Inability to Work

Lumpsum Disability and Severe Illness Cover
Coming Soon

Protecting your Health

Medical Aid
Coming Soon

Protecting your Health

Gap Cover
Coming Soon

Protecting your Health

Medical Insurance
Coming Soon

Protecting your Belongings (short-term insurance)

Coming Soon

Investment Structures

Investment Structures

Investment Structures

Pension, Provident, and Preservation Funds
Coming Soon

Investment Structures

Investment Structures

Guaranteed Annuities
Coming Soon

Investment Structures

Investment Structures

Investment Structures

Investment Structures

Investment Types

Unit Trusts and ETF’s
Coming Soon

Investment Types

Investment Types

Share Portfolios
Coming Soon

Employee Benefits

Coming Soon

Estate Planning

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Bobats is proud to be affiliated with these companies that enable us to offer you a holistic service:

*The client’s name has been
amended to protect their identity.*

What people say?

I’ve been investing with Bobats for over 30 years, from the day I got my first paycheck. I started with small monthly amounts and slowly increased it over time as my earnings grew. Hoosen helped me to stay disciplined and keep me invested for the long term. This allowed the magic of compounding returns to do its work on my portfolio. I’m now closing in on retirement, rest assured, knowing that my finances are in order. I can now spend my time doing things I love like traveling and spoiling the grandchildren!

* Dr Salim* | Established Medical Specialist | 59

What people say?

It’s been a hectic 12 months for me, I completed my studies, started working for the first time (community service) and got married. Bobats has taught me the importance of having a financial plan and how it can change as my life changes. I see Ebrahim as my personal CFO, I turn to him whenever I have questions on financial matters, he’s the expert. The Bobats Wealth BluePrint also helps me visualize all the components of my financial plan on one page. I look forward to working with Ebrahim and the Bobats team on my financial journey through life.Dr Salim

* Dr Moodley * | Young Medical Doctor | 29

What people say?

Our family business has been associated with Bobats for over 50 years, Hoosen’s dad and my dad were great friends. To this day I receive a monthly income from my investments which I can use to comfortably fund my monthly living expenses. We do all our investments and insurance through Bobats, we simply don’t go anywhere else. For us, it’s more than getting the best returns and lowest fees. We know we can trust Bobats to give us great service and most importantly, objective advice. We’re excited to hear about Ebrahim joining the business, Hoosen has indeed chosen very well.

* Mr Mall * | Established Businessman | 50

What people say?

I tragically lost my husband 15 years ago, he primarily dealt with Bobats before his passing. Hoosen professionally guided me and my family through the arduous estate wind up process that ensued. He put together an easy to understand Wealth Blueprint which has taken care of all our financial needs to this day. It was so comforting to know my husband and Hoosen had planned for all this before his untimely death. My kids, both professionals, have since become clients of Bobats in their own right. Thank you Bobats for all you’ve done for me and my family.

* Mrs Meer * | Retired Lecturer | 70

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